The Future of DR Print Ads

Posted by admin on December 02, 2008
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Ad Value Map, is an important development for print advertising. It will bring added value and statistics to advertisers daily on how many readers have viewed/been exposed to their ad. This gives media buyers the chance to capitalize on accountability and show how print advertising buys are actually working and creating traffic to websites and phone calls to telemarketers. All media vehicles are becoming more traceable and dependent on one another. We are able to see how customers are coming to our clients and how our media buys are meaningful and contributing to ROI. Read more at Marketwire

DR & Airlines

Posted by admin on December 02, 2008
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Digital Direct Response Advertising Important to Airlines
Airlines are utilizing direct response media to reach out to customers more effectively. Their offers are based on utilizing relevant offers and targeted email messages to generate sales. Branding is becoming less effective as an advertising avenue, what matters more and more is response.

As a direct response advertising is taken on by more and more larger advertisers, it will become a standard to always supply clients with results. With purse strings tightening both client and customer side, it is important to remember that as media representatives we must provide buys that reach our clients, customers, and more importantly find media that contributes to their bottom line.

Obama: The Infomercial Story

Posted by admin on November 09, 2008
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President-elect Barack Obama utilized the infomercial as a way to tell his story and win over voters. Just another reason why there is a need to utilize the half-hour time period that the infomercial can provide.Sometimes a flitting 60 seconds will not do the trick. Utilizing this time period is a great way to reach your target audience and really speak to them. Obviously, this approach worked for Obama, advertisers should consider this time period and the success it could bring them, as well. Read more at TV Week.

Verizon Brings FiOS

Posted by admin on October 14, 2008
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Television As The New Choice In Cable Provider Options
Verizon is utilizing direct response advertising to promote its new FiOS TV option to customers. Offering up digital media to customers faster and cheaper. More HD Channels, and better quality of television mean that customers will have a pleasant and engaging experience. Direct response advertisers can utilize this new offering to get in on lower rates, since the service does not have legacy media rates to bolster negotiations. Furthermore, it is encouraging that more and more corporate giants are turning to direct response advertising, as this helps solidify the need for creating accountable results in every campaign. Read more on Broadcast Newsroom.

Microsoft Releases Beta of IE8

Posted by admin on August 27, 2008
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This release is ruffling some feathers, and some ad traceability. The Internet is a great space for finding, who is looking at your ads, and what other ads intrigue your current visitors, but IE8 could change all of that. A new feature called, “InPrivate Blocking,” allows users to trek through the web without their virtual tracks being left behind. This could be a darker day for marketers, as we depend on this information to do business and find our target audiences on the web. Furthermore, up-selling and cross-selling to consumers will become more difficult with this new blocking feature. There could be one upside to this, how many of you have already upgraded to IE7? Likely, that many of you have not. Also, how many people will be turning on this new privacy feature? With every new innovation to “protect” consumers, it seems that someone will find a way around it. Or consumers, themselves will not seek to “cover up” what they are doing.

Marketers should approach this with a level of integrity and think of the consumers, not just their bottom line. The traceability of Internet activity is important so, you receive advertising that is relevant to your interests. The public is generally more entertained and responsive by ads that speak to them than those that do not. Marketers should adopt this approach when addressing this issue publicly, rather than remarks that are based on business models and their bank accounts. Read more on this topic at theĀ  Seattle Times.

Big Brands Using DRTV…

Posted by admin on August 25, 2008
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It’s not surprising that lots of companies are entering into the fray to take advantage of the discount pricing and great ROI tools available to a direct response marketer. You know we’ve come a long way from the days of fishing lures, psychic lines and get rich quick schemes, when Coca Cola and P&G are in the DRTV space. But they are smart folks, just took them a bit longer to catch on. Some might be worried about the competition from big boys like that, but I say the more the merrier in this marketplace! Read more on this topic at Adweek

Broadcast TV Hold Its Breath

Posted by admin on August 12, 2008
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I don’t know how long these folks can maintain that glass-is-half-full attitude. If you don’t have McCain and Obama ads on your airways right now, you are wheeling and dealing. Ah, what a great time to be a direct response advertiser. The inventory and deals to be had for consumers of remnant TV time have not been like this in nearly seven years. Deep in their heart of hearts, the media outlets know this is true. Read more on this topic at Adage

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