Spotlight on Spotify

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Not even 12 months old in the US, Spotify has become the leader in Internet music streaming, surpassing even Pandora. Spotify started 4 years ago in Europe, and then launched in the US last summer, partnering with Facebook to solidify its popularity. Recently, Spotify has remained in the spotlight with the new feature of custom apps brands can design themselves. AT&T’s Surround Sound app lets users play music suited to the location they’re in, detected through, what else? Your smartphone’s GPS. Other companies creating apps with Spotify include McDonalds and Reebok.

Besides the launch of their app feature, Spotify also recently announced its partnership with another global company, Coca Cola. Spotify will be featured in Coca Cola’s 2013 Year of Music campaign, aimed at teens worldwide. Coca Cola has also agreed to promote Spotify in its paid media, and integrate Spotify into its Facebook timeline, which already has more than 40 million followers. Spotify, which already has over 13 million documented users worldwide, aims to increase that number through its Coca Cola promotions.

You can

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OWN and Comcast Shake Hands

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Due to a recent agreement with Comcast, OWN will see an increase in distribution, adding 3 million viewers for the network. Increased distribution is always a benefit to DRTV marketers, who may have experienced less than optimal results with the network in the past.



Recently, the SNL Kagan report, suggested due to estimated losses that co-owner Discovery might step away from the network. 


To learn how David Leavy, a Discovery spokesperson, clarifies this statement, click here.

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Forget Generation X, or even Y. Meet Generation C.

Nielson, the industry’s leader in media research, ratings and data, has a new demographic, dubbed “Generation C,” or Americans 18-34, who are quickly becoming both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers, and redefining media consumption with their embrace of new digital technology.

Gen C makes up only 23% of the US total population, yet they make up 27% of Americans watching video or using social media, and over 30% of Americans using tablets. In fact, Gen C makes up a whopping 39% of all smart phone users in the US.

Gen C, who grew up alongside the growth of the internet, cell phones, social media, and the technology boom, has “taken ownership” of new media, changing the way advertisers and marketers approach them. New technology provides the opportunity for new content and new ways to distribute it, and Generation C knows how to access it better than any other age demographic out there. For us at TM and DR advertising, this means an opportunity to stray away a bit from TV in the future and expand into internet and mobile campaigns, while still using the results driven approach DR advertising requires.

From audio/video to augmented reality, Generation C’s fearless adaptation of new media is “representing both a challenge and opportunity for marketers and content providers alike.”


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Yes, submitting your website to directories can help improve your rankings.

Posted by admin on August 30, 2010
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One of the cornerstones of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is link building. It is often said that link building is 70% of SEO. Search engines look at links to websites as a vote for that site. A link to your site from the New York Times will carry authority and can have a significant impact on how well your website ranks. Finding websites to link to your site is a time consuming process that involves creating business partnerships, link exchanges, use of social media, promotion through guest blog postings, creating good quality content (link bait) and directory submissions.

Directory submissions as link building starting point
We have worked with several newly developed websites and have used directory submissions as a starting point to gain traffic and improve search engine rankings. In almost every case we have seen our targeted search terms raise the sites traffic rankings significantly- in many cases in the top 10.

Here is a summary of the benefits of submitting your website to directories:

One Way Links
Obtaining links to your site often requires an exchange with another site. While reciprocal links carry value, they are not as valuable as one-way links. Directories don’t expect you to post a link to their site so you get the benefit of a one-way link.

Anchor text of your choice
Anchor text is the text that is used to link to your site. Directories will allow you to choose the anchor text for your link which helps with your search engine rankings. If you have a real estate business that rents apartments in Poughkeepsie, you can use the anchor text“apartments for rent in Poughkeepsie” which will help you rank for that term.

Directories are for the most part free
There are benefits to submitting to a properly researched paid directory and we do recommend submitting to a few of these, but for the most part directories are free to submit to. The caveat is that many of them charge a fee for immediate submission but will post your site for free after a wait of several weeks or months.

Directory Submission Process

Research search terms
Find 5 search terms to use for your anchor text. Use the Google Keyword Tool to help with your research. The keyword tool will give you suggestions and will show you how many times the term is searched for monthly. You will also need to write a short description for each search term.

Compile a Directory List
Start by compiling a list of directories to submit to. A good list can be found  at You can also search “ “list of web directories” to expand your list.

Check if category pages are indexed
Most directories are structured similarly. Find the category that best fits your business and copy the URL in the address bar and paste it into a Google search box. The URL should be number one in the search results. If the URL isn’t showing then Google isn’t indexing the page and the directory has no SEO value to your site.

Check for the “nofollow” attribute
Make sure that the page you are submitting to does not have the nofollow attribute applied to the links. Nofollow will not pass link juice to your site and will be of no SEO value. There is a Firefox extension called SearchStatus that allows you to check whether links are nofollow or not.

Check Page Rank
Google ranks pages from 0 to 10 with 10 being the highest. Google has a page rank tool that you can install in your browser that will show you the page rank of the page you are visiting. The page rank will give you an indication of how strong the link will be for your site.

Submit your site!
When you have found the proper category and have determined that the directory is SEO worthy, you should see a “submit your site” link. When you click this, you can submit your site by adding your title and description.

Another Relevancy Revelations…Err Revolution!

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User-generated content is reaching far and wide and television is not immune to its long-reaching tentacles. Former, Vice President, Al Gore, is working with Current Media to develop viewer-developed programming and advertising for the TV marketplace. The goal here is to operate much like that of YouTube, allowing viewers to become producers to make more content relevant to audiences. Current TV is not a stranger to American households, with 60 million viewers under their wing; the implementation of this program would be far reaching. User-generated programming could be used to a direct response advertisers benefit, by being able to better target its audiences by understanding what types of programming and products are of interest to them. Helping them to better craft a message that speaks to their target audience, thus making advertisers less of a salesman, and more of a friendly advisor. Relevancy is after all the core message to all things advertising and programming today! Read more at MediaDaily

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The New Four A’s: Apple, Apps, Ads and Audience

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Apple is looking to change and charge the face of mobile media, about $1 million dollars to be exact. With a new development of iAd, I-Phone/I-Pad application providers can elect to have mobile advertisements associated with their content. For example, you have the Spin the Bottle App, and an advertisement for a Party Planning is served on the border of the screen, as a banner. The user will then click on this ad, where it will expand and display the nearest store and possibly a coupon or special deal when mentioning the app.

Apple will generate revenues by charging a penny each time the ad is served, and then when the ad is tapped open, $2. Various packages add both items together to created packages and costs upwards of $1 million. These revenues shouldn’t be hard to hit as the audience is growing from its recent 85 million bench mark.

The mobile ad space is changing quickly, Apple has seen the proverbial light, and now the only question is will advertisers follow? Targeting, tracking and ellicting an immediate response has never been easier, direct response marketers should jump on board! To read more go to The Wall Street

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Upfront Report: General Advertisers Spending is Up, DR Advertisers Time to Strategize

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Most brand advertisers plan to step up their media spending on television for the 2010-2011 season, according to a recent survey by Advertiser Perceptions, Inc. However, they are being strategic about their spending, and allocating it to larger networks, and slimming down spend in broadcast markets to allocate budget toward more digital avenues.


This is important for DR Advertisers, who intend to keep their media within budget and still reach their target audiences. Reaching audiences through broadcast markets can be done. The execution needs to be strategic, timely, and with enough frequency to pique consumer interest. Highly targeted demographics can be reached through the broadcast avenue. While the larger networks will still have available DR time available, more brand advertisers entering this space means higher rates. To stay in budget a strategic broadcast focus could keep a DR Advertiser in budget and still meet demographic goals. To learn more about Upfront Spending go to Media Daily News.

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XBox To Have Digital Upfront

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Microsoft has announced that XBox will become a player in the bidding war for advertisers dollars, and would like a digital upfront for advertisers to begin targeting their programming to its online users.  The multimedia-set-top-box, is in 20 million homes, 72% of which are in the USA.  Adding yet another avenue for a highly targeted media campaign. To read more go to

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Tower Media to Represent CLTV Paid Programming

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Tower Media is the new exlusive representative of CLTV paid programming.  To read more go to

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Free Credit Reports Get A FTC Makeover

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Free credit reports are getting an FTC makeover with a new law that requires them to disclose just how “free” their credit reports really are.  This new law took effect April 2, 2010. The law is meant to help consumers distinguish between credit report offers, as well as make sure advertisers are providing disclosures that comply with the CARD Act.  Television advertisers should note that September 1, 2010, they will be required to disclose within their ads that, “Free credit reports are available under federal law at To read more go to

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