Good News/Bad News…TV Still America’s Choice

Posted by admin on November 12, 2009
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Although many DRTV advertisers are struggling with increased competition for ad time of late the good news is TV is still the medium of choice for the American Public and remains the best outlet for reaching the American Consumer. Read more at

DRTV May Face Challenge As Demand for TV Rises

Posted by admin on November 06, 2009
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Many media companies are expecting a rise in profits as their bet on smaller upfront sales are paying off in the increasingly hot scatter market. The approaching holidays dictate advertiser spending and the larger brand advertisers are moving in to take up space they left open earlier this year. This brings a challenge to Direct Response advertisers, who have grown accustom to historically low rates and premium placements for much of 2009. This challenge can be met strategically by looking at new markets to test and even breaking from a national campaign to one that is more localized through broadcast. Also, falling back to more reliable DR dayparts for clearance like daytime and overnights is a good move. Trying to take on brand marketers, who are more concerned with perceived audience rather than response is not game most direct marketers can win.

Direct Response advertisers should plan for increased costs for fourth quarter of 2009 and know that they will be sharing the space with brand advertisers, instead of other Direct Response products. They should also be prepared to hit the ground running hard in the first quarter of 2010, after many of the brand advertisers are taking a post-holiday hiatus. Continuing to advertise during this quarter is crucial as it’s a time when consumers will be looking to spend in the economy, and spend thriftily. Luckily, Direct Response advertisers offer many quality products that are priced right and have the advantage of being purchased with the convenience of a click of a button or a quick phone call. Read more at

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Sprint To Sell Google Phone

Posted by admin on September 03, 2009
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Sprint will roll out the first Android Phone in the United States that will utilize an open-platform developed by Google. This news comes at a great time for advertisers and those in the mobile world, as many more mobile application users, means more advertising opportunities. It also, means that as more and more companies adopt this platform, the more users will have these feature available by default. This could change the landscape of mobile marketing, and the need for opt-in advertising. Additionally, direct response advertisers can more easily target their clients through PPC, since the location of the individual search will be that much more timely and accurate.  Read more at

FCC Helps Broadcasters Due to Fire

Posted by admin on September 02, 2009
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The FCC is stepping in to help area broadcasters affected by the fires near the Los Angles transmitter site. Broadcasters can apply for the use of antennas that will keep service from being disrupted at their stations. This is good as direct response advertisers and media buyers can rest assured that their geo-targeted media buys are still running and reaching audiences. Additionally, stations can utilize this help by continuing their regular programming and generated revenue through advertising sales. Read more at

NBC Universal Now at The Pump

Posted by admin on September 01, 2009
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NBC Universal has opened up its reachable audience by broadcasting through Gas Station TV. NBCU has reached agreements with auto manufacturers, for abbreviated commercials to run on the television sets to reach those at the pump. This shorter commercial time could mean a new trend for direct response advertisers, looking to reach audiences quickly.  Additionally, opening up the areas that people can be reached through advertising, means marketers and media buyers, may look toward products that could be placed in both the ads and gas stations, alike. This could help create a brand synergy, and drive sales, generating a direct response model from the Gas Station TV broadcast.  Read more at

Barter For Media Dollars

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Got some extra beef lying around that your company can’t use because it didn’t sell well to consumers? Well send it on over to the barter shop, who will turn this unused beef into media dollars for you to spend, and then sell the beef off to a state prison at a discount. Yes, the media landscape is changing, but this trend has been around for a while. Many advertisers, especially in retail, are looking toward barter shops, to take unused inventory and turn it into a tangible good or service they can use to promote their products. The barter agency then looks to trade the goods to others who can use them in exchange for something else. This trading circle goes around and around, and it is reflective our current economy.


Being able to find a way to advertise, no matter if it is through bartering or direct purchase, presents a golden opportunity, as many of the mainstay advertisers of before, have pulled of the air due to budget constraints. Direct Response advertisers have been jumping on this band wagon and continue to see results from their media spend. Read more at

Syndicated Upfront to Bring $2 Billion

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Following the coat tails of its sister broadcast upfront, the Syndicated Upfront is  closing in around $2 billion in sales, which is down 20 percent from last year. Media buyers are trying to lock in rates and packages for more value added shows that may have product placement opportunities. Additionally, those shows skewing to an older demographic are seeing a bit of a downturn in interest for their programming, as pharmaceutical advertisers are cutting back on some advertising spend. Locking down rates, and negotiating optimal media packages is at the helm of media buying for these shows. Syndicated shows often garner a large audience with very good results, especially in direct response advertising. As an advertiser or media buyer in DR, looking to these shows should be a budget and buying priority.  Read more at

Networks Holding Onto Inventory

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Recently during the broadcast network upfront, availability of media time was down over a half-billion for the 2009-2010 season. Networks are trying to capitalize on a stronger Q3 and Q4 and expect revenue to be higher for those time periods they are holding onto. Brand advertisers are picking up the pace advertising on major networks, and are responsible for the lack of pre-sale time periods available at the upfront. Broadcasters are holding onto inventory hoping for better rates in a scattered market. This may translate into more inventory for direct response advertisers to grab onto.  Read more at

WGN Completes Rebrand & Launches In April

Posted by admin on June 04, 2009
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WGN America

NEW YORK, April 9, 2009  Between Hollywood and Harlem is a place called America. WGN America.

There is more to modern America than the coasts: from Amarillo, Biloxi, Charleston, Daytona, Eugene, Fargo, Greenville, Helena, Indianapolis, Juneau, Knoxville, Lansing, Miami, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Pensacola, Quincy, Roanoke, Spokane, Terre Haute, Utica, Victoria, Wichita, Xenia, Yuma to Zanesville, WGN America engages the magic of America.


With the transition from Superstation WGN to WGN America complete, the new WGN America premieres this month with a new cohesive visual package and sonic presentation that reflects the spirit, diversity and imagination of the American experience. WGN America reaches viewers in towns and neighborhoods throughout the USA, and WGN America’s newly created on-air vision captures this span–from big cities to small towns–with a cinematic picture of the American vista. WGN America is also introducing a new logo, new graphics (including seamless flow show opens and seamless flow billboards) and for the first time, the network has a sonic logo. Read more here.


Using PPC to Drive Sales and Leads

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Pay Per Click (PPC) is an internet advertising method in which advertisers bid on keywords or keyphrases for the placement of their text advertisements in search engine result pages (SERPs). The advertisements are usually under a ‘Sponsored Results’ heading to differentiate from the natural search results. Generally the higher advertisers bid on keywords or keyphrases the higher their ads will appear in the SERP’s. Advertisers are only charged when a visitor clicks on an ad. Ads can also appear on “Content Network” websites- sites that display content related to the advertisers keywords. Advertisements on Content Networks are generally charged on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. Content Networks will also usually display graphic and video advertisements in addition to text advertisements. Currently, Google, Yahoo and MSN are the biggest players in offering PPC advertising.

Due to it’s contextual nature and the tremendous reporting and tracking methods that PPC offers, PPC advertising can be a highly effective method to drive sales or leads through your website. PPC also offers tremendous scalability. Advertising costs can start out small during the testing phase of a PPC campaign and after campaign effectiveness is measured and adjustments are made, budgets can be increased with predictable results.

Advantages of PPC Advertising

  • Targeting- including geo-targeting, age, gender, day of week and time of day.
  • Instant placement at the top of search engines.
  • Instant sales and measurable ROI using conversion tracking.
  • Campaigns can be switched on and off instantly in response to specific needs, search trends or specific events (e.g. Summer sale).

Keys to Success
One of the keys to PPC success is to understand that campaign management isn’t simply creating the ads and bidding on ad placement. Successful campaign management includes the ability to maintain a dedicated focus on the constantly changing PPC landscape. Keyword research, writing good ad copy, analyzing landing page conversions and proper bid management are all components that contribute to the success of your campaign. A properly managed PPC campaign will allow you to increase your profits in a cost effective targeted way.

Tower Media has experienced PPC campaign professionals who can help with your campaign. If you would like more information about our PPC management services contact Dean Wicklund at 312-856-9181 or

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