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DRTV Snuggie Has Fans!

Posted by admin on January 13, 2009
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If you haven’t seen the latest creation in blankets, the Snuggie, then you haven’t been watching television or perusing Facebook. The DRTV advertiser for the Snuggie has fans on Facebook, taking this product to a whole new level. Once again, it is proven that all media channels need to share synergy and Facebook fans! Read more at Time.

Direct Response As King

Posted by admin on January 06, 2009
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We can see the starry eyes that brand advertisers are giving the DR model. DR is draped in glowing accountability and better media rates, something brand advertisers are now finding more and more intriguing. They have realized it is not enough to entice the consumer to go and find their product. Giving consumers the mode and opportunity to purchase NOW is important, because you can sell them while they are excited. Every sales guru will tell you that you need to follow your ABC’s something direct response does at it’s core…ALWAYS BE CLOSING! Read more at TV Week.

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