Barter For Media Dollars

Posted by admin on August 31, 2009
DRTV Direct Response Television

Got some extra beef lying around that your company can’t use because it didn’t sell well to consumers? Well send it on over to the barter shop, who will turn this unused beef into media dollars for you to spend, and then sell the beef off to a state prison at a discount. Yes, the media landscape is changing, but this trend has been around for a while. Many advertisers, especially in retail, are looking toward barter shops, to take unused inventory and turn it into a tangible good or service they can use to promote their products. The barter agency then looks to trade the goods to others who can use them in exchange for something else. This trading circle goes around and around, and it is reflective our current economy.


Being able to find a way to advertise, no matter if it is through bartering or direct purchase, presents a golden opportunity, as many of the mainstay advertisers of before, have pulled of the air due to budget constraints. Direct Response advertisers have been jumping on this band wagon and continue to see results from their media spend. Read more at

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