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Sprint To Sell Google Phone

Posted by admin on September 03, 2009
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Sprint will roll out the first Android Phone in the United States that will utilize an open-platform developed by Google. This news comes at a great time for advertisers and those in the mobile world, as many more mobile application users, means more advertising opportunities. It also, means that as more and more companies adopt this platform, the more users will have these feature available by default. This could change the landscape of mobile marketing, and the need for opt-in advertising. Additionally, direct response advertisers can more easily target their clients through PPC, since the location of the individual search will be that much more timely and accurate.  Read more at

FCC Helps Broadcasters Due to Fire

Posted by admin on September 02, 2009
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The FCC is stepping in to help area broadcasters affected by the fires near the Los Angles transmitter site. Broadcasters can apply for the use of antennas that will keep service from being disrupted at their stations. This is good as direct response advertisers and media buyers can rest assured that their geo-targeted media buys are still running and reaching audiences. Additionally, stations can utilize this help by continuing their regular programming and generated revenue through advertising sales. Read more at

NBC Universal Now at The Pump

Posted by admin on September 01, 2009
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NBC Universal has opened up its reachable audience by broadcasting through Gas Station TV. NBCU has reached agreements with auto manufacturers, for abbreviated commercials to run on the television sets to reach those at the pump. This shorter commercial time could mean a new trend for direct response advertisers, looking to reach audiences quickly.  Additionally, opening up the areas that people can be reached through advertising, means marketers and media buyers, may look toward products that could be placed in both the ads and gas stations, alike. This could help create a brand synergy, and drive sales, generating a direct response model from the Gas Station TV broadcast.  Read more at

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