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Should DRTV Be In Your Marketing Mix?

“DRTV […] gives advertisers two distinct advantages: more time to break through media clutter and remnant media rates that lower airtime costs by as much as 60% or more.” Learn more about how DRTV can help your business! To read the full article on, click here.

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The New Four A’s: Apple, Apps, Ads and Audience

Posted by admin on April 30, 2010
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Apple is looking to change and charge the face of mobile media, about $1 million dollars to be exact. With a new development of iAd, I-Phone/I-Pad application providers can elect to have mobile advertisements associated with their content. For example, you have the Spin the Bottle App, and an advertisement for a Party Planning is served on the border of the screen, as a banner. The user will then click on this ad, where it will expand and display the nearest store and possibly a coupon or special deal when mentioning the app.

Apple will generate revenues by charging a penny each time the ad is served, and then when the ad is tapped open, $2. Various packages add both items together to created packages and costs upwards of $1 million. These revenues shouldn’t be hard to hit as the audience is growing from its recent 85 million bench mark.

The mobile ad space is changing quickly, Apple has seen the proverbial light, and now the only question is will advertisers follow? Targeting, tracking and ellicting an immediate response has never been easier, direct response marketers should jump on board! To read more go to The Wall Street

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Verizon Brings FiOS

Posted by admin on October 14, 2008
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Television As The New Choice In Cable Provider Options
Verizon is utilizing direct response advertising to promote its new FiOS TV option to customers. Offering up digital media to customers faster and cheaper. More HD Channels, and better quality of television mean that customers will have a pleasant and engaging experience. Direct response advertisers can utilize this new offering to get in on lower rates, since the service does not have legacy media rates to bolster negotiations. Furthermore, it is encouraging that more and more corporate giants are turning to direct response advertising, as this helps solidify the need for creating accountable results in every campaign. Read more on Broadcast Newsroom.

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