Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Tower Media continually embraces new technologies that enhance our ability to track and evaluate performance. Anchored from our proprietary SOAR media system we are able to link online and offline data with airing validation to accurately and completely value each media expenditure. We integrate the most advanced video analytics initiatives into every campaign.

We utilize information from a variety of data sources such as Nielsen, ComScore, and others to deliver a highly targeted video campaign to your brand.

SOAR combines analytics with our 25+ year video media buying history, target audience data, and your results data to give us a 360 view of how your campaign is performing. SOAR allows us to:

  • Evaluate: Analyze past media results, review product offering, and creative.
  • Plan: Media placement opportunities based on fit to the target audience, cost, and campaign goals.
  • Air/Execute: Place your videos to generate response and build your brand.
  • Track: Using our proprietary reporting system SOAR, we measure and report the impact both offline and online.


Detailed reporting shows a complete ROI analysis of your campaign. After reviewing the data, our analysts identify trends from tracking measures including but not limited to website visits, online sales, phone calls, leads, donations, retail sales, and text messages. Your advertising dollars are continually adapted to the most relevant and economical media opportunities for your campaign.

We also subscribe to Teletrax, a media monitoring system that provides updates of airings as they occur in real-time. This data from Teletrax is combined with your results data in SOAR to provide a daily assessment of how your campaign is performing.

Utilizing both SOAR and Teletrax together give us the ability to:

  • Accurately combine media costs and airings data to report against any significant media KPI or metric.
  • Make timely decisions on media buys to optimize results.
  • Provide customized and timely reporting.
  • Have a 360 view of campaign performance.