DRTV 101

DRTV 101

What is Direct Response Advertising?

Direct Response (DR) delivers measurable results that maximize profitability. DR drives advertising dollars to their highest potential through detailed tracking that reports productivity. It is results-driven versus impression-driven to show the value of every dollar spent.

What is DR Video?

DR Video is Direct Response Video. It is a video commercial designed to move consumers along the buying decision timeline and motivate them to action. It also answers many questions regarding the product or service prior to purchasing.

What is the difference between Short-form DRTV and Long-form DRTV?

  • Short-form DRTV (from 5 seconds to 120 second spots) is less expensive to produce and is available through more media.
  • Long-form DRTV (5 to 60 minute infomercials) is excellent for products or services that require lengthy explanations.

How DR advertising is different from traditional advertising?

DR advertising does not replace other marketing channels, it works in conjunction with your marketing initiatives. However, it does have several benefits over traditional advertising. These benefits include the possibility to make your campaign measurable and generally acquire new customers at a lower cost. Because DR advertising is rooted in securing the best time at low rates, including such techniques as securing remnant media, acquiring new customers generally costs less than traditional advertising. This lower cost also means that more media outlets can be tested for your campaign to maximize efficiency and the budget.

In addition, because DR campaigns tend to have a call to action that encourages consumers to call, click, text, or some other form of response, the campaign can be measured and tracked back to the media that performs best. Both of these benefits lead to more cost efficiency for your campaign.

Can a multi-media campaign maximize my ROI?

Yes, if your product/service matches our Service Suitability Test. Does your product have:

  • Large market appeal
  • Easily proven credibility
  • Numerous demonstrable benefits
  • Fulfill a need, make life easier, solve a problem, offer gratification
  • Require an explanation that is easy to understand

How do brand advertisers use DRTV?

  • Sell direct to consumers
  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Introduce new products or services
  • Increase retail sales
  • Increase online sales
  • Separate from the competition
  • Track spending and legitimize results for campaigns

How do we meet your ROI?

We continually monitor campaign results and adjust all ads that do not meet the projected ROI. We help you understand how a direct response model can work for your video campaign. By evaluating all aspects (creative, offer, profitability, etc) of your campaign, we give you the tools you will need to generate a positive ROI. We are constantly tracking and testing your results. You receive daily updates, so you can see the progress of your campaign. We are always working to help you find the best media mix. Testing and refinement never stops.