Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning & Buying

Tower Media has a dynamic approach to building media plans that deliver ROI to our clients allowing them to scale their business efficiently. By mastering the key disciplines that make video campaigns successful: agility and diligence, we are able to scale campaigns by adjusting media quickly for what works and create plans that result in flawless execution.

Through the power of market research, our vast history of past campaigns and media rates, and our strong media relationships with media vendors we are able to build media plans that deliver on the best strategy to reach your target audience and deliver measureable results.

Our core competencies include:

  • Strategy & Planning: Video media plan configurations are based on thorough market research, our vast database of rate and result histories, demographic/geographical targeting, CPMs, programming, and budget management.
  • Customization: Many agencies buy inventory in bulk and allocate that inventory to their clients with no regard to fit or relevance. We build customized media plans based on target audience and campaign goals. Our approach is highly strategic and based on years of experience; sometimes the most obvious media choice isn’t always the best media choice.
  • Media Management: We manage the media buying process on a daily basis. We continually optimize media placement using real-time analysis and reporting.
  • Testing & Refinement: We are always testing new media that will help bring additional ROI to a campaign to help scale up and bring you more customers.

Media Planning and Buying