Our Services

Ready for action? We strategically place DR advertisements into economically priced media that connects customers directly to your brand. By understanding the root of your unique selling point, we place your ad in a medium that will generate the best response. This comprehensive service offering begins with research. But, we have yet to find an end. From testing to media buying to tracking and reporting, we squeeze every dollar out of direct response commercials by constantly adjusting your media campaigns for success.

Media Buying

The goal for smart media buying is to get the biggest bang for your buck. We are budget conscious and ROI driven, always putting DR advertising to the test of accountability. Our skilled media buyers have extensive years of experience executing superior media buys across a complete media mix. Having built a solid network of relationships, we are able to negotiate low cost deals to increase the longevity of your budget. And, we never launch full speed ahead without being backed by proven metrics and testing.

Media Representation

Tower Media works with a select group of broadcasters and networks to sell their media time.  Widely known for our representation of WGN and WGN America for over 20 years, we have also shared this experience with other innovative broadcasters.  Maintaining our relationships with Non-Profits, Ministry and Infomercial advertisers enables us to fill airtime with the best candidates.  Tower Media has managed hundreds of millions in Long Form television advertising.  Our ability to bring profitability to the station and ideal results to advertisers is a winning combination that has allowed us to continually develop these relationships over the years. Our expertise allows us to stay highly informed in this fast moving market.

Competitive Research

Extensive product and industry research enables us to craft a compelling offer that distinguishes you from the competition. First, our experienced advertising team conducts a big picture evaluation of your unique service offering. Then, we recommend a specific plan of action to meet your ROI goals.

Campaign Planning

Strategic planning extends the life of your campaign while effectively managing your budget. From financial planning to creative direction and commercial production, a complete package is delivered to media buyers to execute. We talk through your business strategy and incorporate cost and profit margins for the entire campaign process.

Data Analytics

Tower Media continually embraces new technologies that enhance our ability to track and evaluate performance. Anchored from our proprietary SOAR media system we are able to link web, response and airing validation to accurately and completely value each media expenditure. We integrate the most advanced DR initiatives into every campaign. Conventions, seminars, workshops, and more than 20 years experience enable us to stay at the forefront of the Direct Response advertising industry.


Tracking customer response is the heart of DR advertising. The ability to precisely track consumer response is the key to holding every dollar accountable for its actions. Unlike traditional advertising that lumps campaign results into impressions or an estimated percent of sales, we measure response with real numbers. Our extensive network of telemarketers, fulfillment houses, and media vendors such as Teletrax send us feedback 24 hours a day, making sure your advertisements are not running unnoticed. The quick turnaround time for these tracking tools alerts us to any potential campaign challenges. With this feedback, we adjust your media to ensure success throughout the life of the campaign.


Detailed reporting shows a complete ROI analysis of your campaign. After reviewing the data, our analysts identify trends from tracking measures including click-through campaigns, toll free numbers and text messages. Your advertising dollars are continually adapted to the most relevant and economical media opportunities for your campaign.

Media Choices

Tower Media has more than 20 years of market experience with measurable metrics to provide innovative, multimedia campaigns including:

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