WGN Paid Programming

Tower Media is the exclusive representative for WGN paid programming. On behalf of WGN our representatives sell half hour program length advertisements that can be used for conventional infomercials, episodic programs and special programming. WGN America is well known for their sports coverage (Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Etc.), excellent local news coverage and family oriented programming. Airings on WGN can occur 3 different ways:

1. Local which includes the Chicago DMA only (3.5 mil hh)
2. Satellite Signal which includes national cable coverage (73 mil hh)
3. Full Signal which includes the Local and Satellite Signal (76.5 mil hh)

Limited time periods are available for paid programming projects. All programming is subject to prior approval and time availability which varies weekly. Please contact one of our representatives to find out how your program can be seen by WGN’s responsive audience.

craigw1 dorothy_mckillip_010 theresa-foley-tower-media11
Craig Waldschmidt
Director of Paid Programming
Dorothy McKillip
Long Form Media Sales
Theresa Foley
Long Form and Episodic
Media Sales

WGN TV Chicago Programming Schedule 2010- 2nd Quarter

WGN America Programming Schedule 2010-2nd Quarter

WGN Household Distribution- December 2008

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